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Traditional Amusement Equipment -Dragon Roller Coaster

There are many different types of amusement equipment in the amusement park. Like the rotary type , the jumping type, self control plane, track rides and so on. Especially the track rides, young people like to play the thrilling roller coaster, and little kids can play some track rides .Like the kids roller coaster, dragon roller coaster etc. As a most popular mini roller coaster, dragon roller coaster is a traditional amusement equipment for family and can help the investors win high profit.

For the operators of amusement park, dragon roller coaster is familiar, Luxury design and the special and irregular track can attract more customers to play. It also can be used for the park, playground, theme park, and ecological garden and so on.

About the dragon roller coaster, it is similar to the dragon. In middle of the head of dragon and trail, there are many cabins for the players. When it is operated, in the beginning the speed is slow, after passing the sharp turn, the speed becomes fast suddenly, then the speed is slow again.

This equipment suit for adult and kids together who can enjoy the good parenting time. About the dragon roller coaster, sometimes quick, sometimes slow, sometimes goes up and sometimes goes down. The feeling makes the players excited. It is a good and popular family rides.

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