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Transportation and Installation about Amusement Equipment

1.A detailed delivery list shall be prepared for shipment. The loading and unloading of the equipment shall be checked against the delivery listto ensure anyparts can not be omitted.

2.For the equipment that has been sealed, it should be carried out according to the instructions on the packing box during lifting. It cannot be inverted or dumped, and also it cannot be dragged directly on the ground.

3. Before the equipment is installed, it should be placed in a cool, dry, non-corrosive place. If it is set in the open air, then rain and sun protection measures should be taken to prevent equipment damage.

4. Can not lose any parts of the device and random files.

5. When users purchase this equipment, they should provide local meteorological, power supply, seismic and geological data to the company for verification.

6. During the foundation construction, the user shall entrust the architectural design unit with the corresponding design qualification, carry out the basic design according to the basic condition map provided by the company and combined with the local geological conditions, and then conduct the construction with the qualified construction unit. After the completion of the construction, the relevant unit shall provide a qualified basic acceptance report, which can be installed only after the company has confirmed the qualification.

7. Users should provide other prerequisites for installation and commissioning, such as qualified power supply and necessary lifting equipment.

8. The user shall provide the equipment with a total installed capacity of not less than 25KW 380V/220V, 50Hz. The power supply used in this equipment, the metal casing of the electrical equipment and the uncharged metal structure must be reliably grounded, and the low-voltage distribution system shall be protected from repeated grounding resistance. Not more than 10Ω, the design and construction of the grounding device shall comply with the provisions of GBJ65 “Grounding Design Code for Industrial and Civil Power Devices” and GB50169 “Code for Construction and Acceptance of Grounding Devices for Electrical Installation Engineering”. The insulation resistance between the live circuit and the grounding device is not less than 1MΩ.

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