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Watermelon Flying Chair


Luxury watermelon flying chair is a new type of rotary gyroscope rides with two operation methods.  These two methods are that one can lift with rotary, and the other can only rotary without lifting. Its capacity is 12 0r 24 persons, and also its speed can be  adjustable. In the case of investment amount, its cost will be lower, and then it is suitable for the early operation of kids playground because of its low cost, convenient operation and fast earnings.

Compared with general rotating flying chair, its height for fruit flying chair is much lower, so it also has a higher safety during its operation. Zhengzhou Jinshan Amusement Equipment Company accepts customization, so you can change cabins models. Its round plate goes up slowly when we sit in the cabins with the feelings of flying in the sky and swimming in the sea. It is full of thrilling and joyful atmosphere.

Zhengzhou Jinshan Amusement Equipment Company manufactures all different kinds of amusement rides, small kids playground equipment, and indoor playground etc. Also we offer the most reasonable price with the highest quality and best after-sale service. If you have any needs or interests, just send us inquiry.

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