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What are The Components of A Large Amusement Equipment?

Large amusement equipment are made up of many parts. What are the components of large amusement equipment?

(1) Basic parts. It consists of foundation, support,etc.

(2) Supporting part. Consisting of pillars, beams, etc.

(3) Driving part. It consists of electric power, internal combustion engine and manpower.

(4) Transmission part. It consists of mechanical transmission, hydraulic transmission and pneumatic transmission.

(5) Running part. Inner cabin, wheel, hip and so on.

(6) Operation part. It consists of operating room, operating table and operating handle.

(7) Control part. Composed of control device, control program, etc.

(8) Decorative part. It consists of exterior decoration and lamp decoration.

(9) Turntable part. It consists of passenger platform and passenger ladder.

(10) Isolation part. It consists of a security fence, a transition fence, etc



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