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What Are the Significant Marketing Routines for the Amusement Park?

With the maturing of the amusement industry, the theme park is becoming more and more popular. It has gradually become one of the trends of tourism development. The scope of the industry is constantly expanding, and the product form and concept are constantly changing and extending. Even so, the domestic theme park business situation is still not optimistic, one of the factors that can not be ignored is that many theme parks ignore the power of marketing.

Domestic popular marketing methods

1.Integrate culture around the IP economy

In the current Chinese theme park marketing approach, the IP economy has caused a boom in the cultural market. For example, Huaqiang Fanta Theme Park actively deployed the IP ecosystem and successfully cultivated well-known IPs such as “Bear Infestations”, making it an important practitioner and leader in the domestic IP economy.

2.Introduce high-tech and create cool experience

There are also many theme parks that turn their attention to high-tech technologies such as VR, AR, and 5D, so that technology can create a cool playing atmosphere, creating a unique sense of environmental identity for visitors and enhancing their revisiting.

3.Paradise plus entertainment, “show” new gameplay

In addition, in the social environment of the whole people entertainment, the theme park has also begun to subvert the traditional marketing ideas, and deeply cooperated with the entertainment industry, the most typical of which is the cooperation between the theme park and the entertainment reality show, and through the reality show to achieve effective marketing.

4.Internet marketing

At the same time, the rise of social media has had a very large impact on travel marketing. Social media can maximize the visibility of the park or project and increase its reputation. More and more tourists like to record travel experiences on social media and share them with family and friends. For the theme park, this is a free public relations of tourists. Therefore, the theme park pays special attention to perfecting the network construction of free WIFI, increasing the photograph scene and guiding the tourists to spread the park in circle of friends.

Theme park marketing strategy

1.Effective theme targeting

The theme is soul of the park to form a distinctive character and a unique style. Each successful theme park has a strong theme, and at the same time creates a favorable market interval. Before the theme is determined, the preliminary work of the theme positioning should be done, including market competition positioning, target customer positioning and tourism product positioning. By sorting and analyzing this information, predicting the development trend of the theme park, through the scientific preliminary analysis to determine your own theme with good development prospects.

2.Highlight the theme and rides project of high participatory

The setting of all the amusement equipments in the theme park should be based on the principle of highlighting the theme, conduct the “classicalization and systemization” planning project of the amusement parks and make every project to be a bright sightseeing spot in the park, and make all the attractions become a whole. When planning a theme park project, attention should be paid to the coordination and cooperation of ornamental and participatory. It is a good product strategy to design amusement rides that highlight their own themes. Also, a good garden environment will not only enhance the overall image of the theme park, but also increase the fun of visitors.

3.Establish a flexible pricing system

Appropriate reduction of ticket prices can be a way to attract tourists. So, based on the appropriate reduction of fares, the development of a new and targeted pricing system will be a more effective method. This price system is constructed on the basis of different target consumer groups, and combined with different visit time to develop a variety of price coexistence forms. The biggest feature of this new price system is that it is extremely targeted and enormously flexible, and the temptation is terrific.

4.Multi-channel sales strategy

(1) Sales agent channel

For the theme park, you should generally choose the agent channel level that is more suitable for you, and the operation is relatively straightforward. Try to convey the experience directly and truly to the target consumers, and speed up the marketing circulation and save the channel management cost.

(2) Direct sales channels of product

For theme parks, direct sales of product can not only easily set up marketing agencies and channels, but also reduce marketing costs and increase profit margins. The most important is to control all marketing policies and processes including marketing channels. It’s more convenient and easier to monitor and maintain the quick response and flexibility that marketing should have. The product direct sales channel model includes two methods: personal direct sales and online direct sales.