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What Characteristics Do the New Amusement Equipment Have?

In fact, the demand of customers is the real market for the development of amusement equipment. It is same as the new amusement equipment, but what characteristics do the new amusement equipment have? Now, let us learn about them.

1.The design of new amusement equipment aims at the different demands from passengers of all ages. Generally speaking, the design of run height and speed already reaches the upper limit of risk sensitivity for the corresponding age.

2.About the design concept of new amusement equipment , generally it focuses on the innervation felling when the passengers are in the open space, so the position of passengers always uses the semi- closed and unclosed design.

3.The position of passengers always uses the design that can change the position, angle, speed and height. It will show the changing perception according to the changes of movement form.

By Jinshan carnival rides