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What Is the Criterion of Choosing the Amusement Equipment ?

What is the criterion of choosing the amusement equipment for indoor or outdoor amusement parks?

1. Safety

The safety is the most important when choosing the amusement equipment or build a amusement park.

Children are vulnerable groups who are easy to be damaged. When the investor choose the site to build an amusement park, it is better to choose wide and no dead-end traffic field. In addition, when the investor choose the amusement equipment, they must note whether the amusement equipment have risky projection, for example, nails and bolts, sharp corner or trepanning where kids’ head or fingers might be stuck.

2. Children first

All choice of space and games must put children’s need on the first place. They must suit for the children physical characteristics and standards of exercise.

3. Edutainment

The investors should consider the diversity of children’ sports. All amusement parks or amusement equipment should fuse participatory, diversity, commonsense and interestingness together. It can help children to gain knowledge when they are playing.

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