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What is The Difference between Battery Bumper Car and Ground Grid (ceiling)Bumper Car?

As we know, there are three types of bumper cars: the battery type, ground grid type, ceiling type.

How to choose the type when we are ready to start a new business? Today we are glad to introduce the difference for you, then you will learn more about them and get an answer:

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*The power type:

Battery bumper car is powered by battery; after charging, it can run about 6 ~8 hours.

Ground grid bumper car and ceiling type bumper are powered by the floors( and ceiling), and need special control box; after connecting with the electricity, and press “start” button, then passengers can drive the cars. Don’t need to charge.

*The business place:

Battery bumper car can run on any flat ground, because it’s powered by battery, so that it’s convenient for rental business, mobile business, etc. Business place can be changed frequently and easily.

Ground grid type and ceiling type need special floor( and ceiling), it’s not easy to move, so that it is more suitable for park, etc. Fixed business.


Battery bumper car is cheaper than ground grid and ceiling type bumper car. If you want to start a new business from a small investment, this type will be better.


Battery type don’t need to install, when you receive it, you can start your business.

Ground grid type and ceiling type bumper car need to install the floors( and ceiling), connect with control box with electricity; but after finishing this step, you just need to make money.

*The advantages of each type:

Battery car: Cheap, easy to move, don’t need to install, can be work on any flat ground.

Ground grid bumper car and ceiling bumper car: Don’t need to charge, no time limited, power is enough,more exciting, more cost-efficient in the long run.

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