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What is The Marketing Program of Amusement Equipment?

What is the marketing program of amusement equipment?

Advertising marketing: There are various media for you to choose, like advertising print media (your city), flyer page, then distribute them in the scope of the communities, park, kindergarten, amusement parks and other places.

Experience marketing: Choose the area within the scope of the community, park, kindergarten, amusement parks and other places to distribute experience coupons, vouchers, etc., in collaboration with the local stores, supermarkets, restaurants.

Internet marketing: This is one of the most important marketing channels in the Internet era.Use your local BBS, group-buying sites, WeChat, and blogs to promote the impact of your playground.

Membership card promotion: In the era of the various membership CARDS, this is a old idea, but have strong earnings, because generally membership card use thin profit and more discount to attract the customers, and people always enjoy this way.

Holiday marketing: Every holiday is a good chance to obtain the huge commercial value.

Cooperative marketing: This is an era of resource sharing. Children’s parks and many of their peers in the same area can form benign complementary. For example, all kinds of educational institution and local children’s TV programs can work together to develop new business growth points.

Others: How far is the thought, how far can the reality go. For example, working with kindergartens,and launching some activities on a regular basis; Cooperate with children’s goods stores in the area, and carry out advertisement exchange and so on.

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