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What Points Should Be Noted in The Operation of Children’s Amusement Equipments?

Children’s carnival rides is a paradise for children, which is deeply loved by children, especially during holidays and festivals. However, for the operators of children’s park, what points should be noted during the operation?


Generally, operators will clean and tidy the corresponding products in a fixed period of time, and these periods are usually in the morning or evening when  there’re no children playing in it. So during the day of operation, the equipment is very likely to get dirty again and cannot be cleaned in time. It is also the most visible time for parents and surveyors to see. The first thing in every morning is to wash and disinfect dirty equipment such as sea balls, floor mats, platforms and electric toys which are easily to get dirty.

2.The equipment

Any sharp objects, exposed hard objects and iron /steel devices should be avoided in the selection and application of equipment, so as to prevent children from being injured during the play. When selecting plastic things, we should choose high-quality plastic products, toxic, smelly, polluted plastic products should be banned. In the operation of equipment, there should be a specially-assigned person to be responsible for the children during the play. If there is no parent accompanied, operator should arrange a specially-assigned person to watch out the equipment running status and the situation of children’s playing, in order to get timely treatment when the accident occurs.

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3.The firecontrol

The fire control of children’s park is also very important, which is reported by the news and introduced in the media in recent years. Most operators know that we should ensure the good channel and fire control products in children’s park. When selecting and planning the site, it is necessary to identify the relevant positions such as the entrance, exit, rapid passage and emergency passage, and make the passage unimpeded according to the plan. If the place is too large, place firefighting equipment, such as fireproofing and fire sprinkler, at regular intervals. And cooperate actively according to the fire control needs in the fire detection.

4.Emergency equipment

Children’s parks are generally set up indoors, and most need electricity, day or night. Thus emergency channel, emergency lights and emergency medicine should be equipped in service center or corresponding points for a rainy day. If an accident occurs, you should call for help immediately, then dredge the crowd and protect children’s safety.

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