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What Rides Can I Buy If I Want to Start Mobile Business?

Many client asked us about the rides for starting mobile business / carnival / Fair etc, but they are confused about choosing rides, today Zhengzhou Jinshan Amusement Equipment Machinery Co.,Ltd are glad to introduce some popular mobile rides for you:

There are some requirement about rides for mobile business:

  1. Easy to move
  2. Save installation and disassemble time

Therefore, the first options is the rides which can be used directly,

Such as: Bumper car, Inflatable castle, robot rides, Mechanical bull, etc.

 The second options is trailer mounted rides.

Such as trailer mounted coffee cup rides, when you need to move from one place other place, you just need to fold it up and fix it, do some easy operation, then you can tow it and start your travel. Saving time and easy to move.

Similar rides: Trailer mounted human gyroscope, Trailer mounted mini pirate shop, Trailer mounted coffee cup rides, Trailer mounted flying car, trailer mounted miami rides. Trailer mounted bungee Etc.

The third options is the rides which can be installed and disassembled easily.

Such as: Carousel, Jumping kangaroo. Electric train, Simply flying chair. Etc.

Our factory has more than 20 years on producing amusement rides, welcome to contact us, then our professional sales will help you and suggest you the most suitable rides. Looking forward to cooperating with you!