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What Safety precautions should we consider about children amusement equipment ?

In our daily life, there are many amusement equipment. How should we consider the safety when we face so many amusement rides? What Precautions should we note when we consider the safe?

1. Kiddie rides, roller coaster, happy swing,etc., these amusement equipment should be considered their buffer performance.

2. We should consider whether the equipment has part thatcan caught children’s hand , feet and head inside. If so, we must refuse to let this situation happen.

3. The equipment must haveno sharp exposed parts. For example screws, if the screw hang up children’s cloths, which will cause danger.

4. We should use the material with high performance and good durability. It can be a guarantee if we improve product quality.

5. We also should add the protectivefence for those high amusement equipment, so that can prevent the players from falling down.

By Jinshan carnival rides