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What Service Should Manufacturer of Amusement Equipment Provide?

Helicopter Tanks War Rides

Anny-style guidance

Jinshan has 10 years of operational management experience, and has been devoting themselves to the study of children amusement industry. From choosing place,training, popularization, opening propaganda, event supporting, to integrated business guidance Of VIP card marketing, we will try our best to let you satisfied.

Remote control management

Jinshan will open video surveillance management all day, and adopt ERP enterprise management system. We will synthesize balance and optimize management for all the staff , property, information, time and space.

Listed as a shareholder

Jinshan repurchase the shares of investors as a holding company, after the listing of the company, the single-store shareholders can become a listed shareholder, making them a millionaire.

Perfect protection

In order to avoid conflicts of interest and bring convenience to customer intensive work, Jinshan has a reasonable regional subdivision, so as to ensure the maximization of interests.


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