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What Should Do before Opening an Indoor Trampoline Park?

What should do before opening an indoor trampoline park

1.Market research

Market research is an important step before opening an indoor trampoline park. If you know about market well, then you can open a profitable trampoline park at an appropriate time and place.Market research include: Investigate the distribution of surrounding competitors,the flow of people around the park and local consumption levels, and consumption attitude etc.

2.Site selection

Normally,we suggest you build trampoline park close to school,business center,shopping mall, gym etc.

3.The site height.

If the customers of your trampoline park is for kids, the site height should be 4 meters; if for adults, the site height should be 4.5 meters. We suggest you choose the site that the height is over 5.2 meter, because in this case, there is no age group restrictions, and you will have more choice about the games.

4.The floor and column.

The floor should be flat, and with less column.

Normally, we suggest 600 ~ 2000 square meters for indoor trampoline park, then customers will have best feeling to bring profit for you quickly. Besides, generally in the indoor trampoline park, trampoline only cover 55%~70% of the whole site, then you can build  cafes, resting area, and reception and so on at other place.

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