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What Should We Do When Amusement Equipment Suddenly Lose Power ?

There are many children’s amusement equipment, and most of the amusement equipment’s power is electricity. If the amusement equipment are suddenly blacked out, how to deal with it?

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First, the staff need to turn off the main power switch, cut off the power supply, in case the current shock will cause damage  to amusement equipment. Because the device lost its power in an abnormal situation.

Second, we should take full advantage of the existing resources, such as through the radio tell passengers all situations, to prevent passengers from panic and pacify the passengers.

Third, the staff need to keep calm, and then operate the equipment according to the emergency procedures. The staff must evacuate the passengers in strict accordance with the order of rescue, they need to open the restriction device or obstruction that used for protecting passengers, such as the safety bar, hatch, etc., when necessary, they can tear down these devices, let the passengers leave as soon as possible.

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Four, the staff need to conform passengers and arrange physical examinations when necessary, and treat the injured.

Finally, They need to check the equipment carefully before next running , and stop operations before the malfunction is ruled out; If the fault has been eliminated, it is also necessary to running the machine several times before the operation is normal.

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