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What Should We Note When Operating the Big Amusement Equipment?

Generally the risk of big amusement equipment is higher than others. Hence we should do a good work for the security assurance to ensure the safety of big amusement equipment and avoid the dangerous situation.

There are 5 items which we should note during the operation:

1.The suitable age range. Generally there are regulation and instruction about the suitable age range for big amusement equipment. It can be purchased according to it. It means that every kinds of amusement equipment has special demand for the age range , if the age of kids is not in this range , there will be more risk.

2.Note the safety warning. If the big amusement equipment has some implied risk, the manufacturer will provide the safety warning to remind. For example, before operating the big amusement equipment , people should read the safety warning carefully to avoid the risk.

3.Valid date. Some big amusement equipment have a valid date , so it is necessary to avoid the equipment that has expired.

4.Note the usage. The big amusement equipment must have the detailed using methods and considerations.

5.Note the assembly chart. The big amusement equipment must have the detailed assembly chart about how to install.

When running the large scale amusement equipment , it is important to pay attention to the above points to ensure the safe operation of big amusement equipment.


By Jinshan carnival rides