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What Should We Note When Purchasing The Carousel ?

Carousel is a popular amusement equipment ,so what should we note when purchasing the carousel?
1. Appearance
The first impression are powerful. The carousel not only have a beautiful appearance , but also have a colorful lights and lovely music, so it will attract more customers to play.
2, Motor
The core of the carousel is the motor. If the motor is not up to standard, the horse will don’t have enough power to move with a full seat. If forced to move, it may result in the condition of tire puncture and motor capacitance burning.
3, Quality
The quality of the rides is the key. If any amusement equipment fails to guarantee the quality for customer, everything is in vain. When you play the ride happily, a quality question suddenly appears, which will totally affect your mood. If there are more serious accidents, it will be too late to repent.
4. Analysis of paint
The paint effect of the amusement equipment must be bright and light, and only the special paint of the car can achieve this effect. If the paint effect is bleak, the craft is very rough, and the later effect must be very poor.
5. Transmission connecting rod
No matter upper transmission and lower transmission, the transmission is an important part that is second to motor; and the core of this part is rod, thus connecting rod parts must be able to adjust the imbalance of running carousel, so so that it can avoid the connecting rod broken due to unable to adjust.

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