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What should we notice when we play bumper car?

Bumper car as a new type amusement equipment, it’s loved by more and more person. Today, let’s talk about what should we notice when we play bumper car.

No sharp items are allowed. Dangerous protrusions, such as burrs are not allowed, to protect passenger from hurt.

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So everyone, before you play the bumper car, please be sure to keep the dangerous items shipped with the administrator.

Set up safe fence. There is no any traffic rules for bumper car, so it is necessary to set up safe fence. Set up a fence at the entrance, the open direction as same as the direction of passenger enter. Also the crash barrier should be set up, to avoid bumper car rush out the place range during playing.

Overloading is strictly prohibited. The bearing capacity is limited in two person, the max bearing weight is 200 kg. Please operate bumper car comply with the operation manual.   

By Jinshan carnival rides