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What Should You Pay Attention to When Investing in Amusement Parks?

There are three things you should pay attention to when investing in an amusement park: 1. Capital.2. Location.3. Safety. All three are indispensable!

1.In terms of funds, there are two major capital projects for investment amusement parks, namely, initial capital and later capital.

1.1 The initial investment funds include:

1.2 Site rent, simple decoration fee.B. Expenses for purchasing amusement equipment.C. Pre-opening advertising and publicity input, tickets, membership cards management and other expenses. D. Business license and related business procedures management costs.

1.3 The later investment funds include:

1.4 If the cleaning fee is small, you can clean it by yourself, and hiresomeone to sweep it uponce a week or regularly. B. The usual equipment maintenance cost. Generally, the suppliers usually provide free maintenance in a certain period. Pay attention to the purchase and service contract when buying equipments. C. New equipment costs. With the improvement of management, new equipment should be continuously updated, otherwise, the passenger flow will be less and less. D. Water, electricity, fire, equipment maintenance, etc. Cameras can be installed in the site if the fund is sufficient, which is convenient for management and effective against theft.

2.Section is definitely the first important thing in location selection; In addition,the flow of people and the consumption capacity should be overall taken into consideration. In addition to some large amusement equipments in some large amusement parks, the mainly amusement equipments provided for children and young people still are small and medium sized amusement equipments, such as indoor playground, merry-go-round, aquatic amusement equipments, etc. Amusement parks for children can be founded in residential areas, shopping centers, shopping malls or densely populated areas.

The location selection factors include: A. the flow of people. B. land price. C. government policy. D. surrounding environment. E. citizens need. F. peer competing and G. the most important thing — positioning your amusement parks according to your fund in combination with the practical flow and consumption level of the local people, to choice whether it is a theme park, children’s park or public entertainment places, etc.

3.Security: security issues should be taken into consideration seriously in spite of  the financial strain. Never try to cut corners, otherwise once the personnel casualty appears, punishment and compensation can make the operator bankrupt.

3.1. Amusement equipment must be qualified, and made relevant maintenance and periodic inspection. Operation, management and maintenance personnel should be trained and checked strictly, and work with qualification certificates issued by the administrative department of quality and technical supervision.

3.2. Emergency plans should be made, for example, power failure, equipment failure and other unexpected accident factors in the operation of the equipment.

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