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What Suggestions Do We Have for The Development of Amusement Equipment?

There are many amusement equipment now, what suggestions do we have for the development of these equipment?

1.To diversify the amusement equipment,we should set an appropriate location for the amusement playground theme. The best practice is build theme park, themed amusement parks are not just a theme of amusement equipment. The more is interact the amusement rides with passengers, Only do interaction between the amusement rides and passengers, the amusement rides can make the most advantage of them

2.According to the position of the amusement playground to reform the huge amusement equipment regularly, the basic function can not change, we should modify for the kids amusement rides and change some experience methods, so, the passengers will feel different every time when they play with the amusement rides, it also can arouse people’s curiosity. In this way, the cost is low and the effect also should be very good.

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