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What’re The Steps for Regularly Checking of Amusement Equipment?

There are many amusement equipment in the playground. It is necessary to check amusement equipment for safety every day. What’re steps when checking them ?

1.Establish a sound and efficient safety management agencies at all levels and positions clear security responsibilities.

2.Carry out training and education ; often carry out a number of training and education activities related to the safety of amusement equipment.

3.Inspect regularly; inspections must be done no matter the size of the playground , organize staff to inspect equipment per year, quarter, month and before the holidays and the start of season.

4.Develop staff’s awareness of safety; Play equipment users should pay attention to equipment safety management, and put safety management on an important agenda.

5.Establish a Safety Management System; Common safety management systems for amusement equipment are the safety management system, the all-day duty system, the regular inspection system, the safe operation procedure of amusement equipment and the accident grade reporting system.

6.Build safety inspection files; Inspection for every day or every time must be recorded, do a good job in checking the log to facilitate the later view.

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