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Where’s the Advantage of the Battery Bumper Car?

The battery bumper car is a common amusement equipment for children on the market.The biggest advantage of battery bumper cars is that they are easy to be moved and free from site restrictions, it’s suitable for temple fairs or itinerant operators, and it’s easy to be transported and installed. The biggest advantage of battery bumper cars is that they are easy to be transported and install Once it is installed, it can make business immediately. Basically, two or three people can complete the building of the enclosure in half a day. It will be more difficult for installing ground bumper car. Generally it takes about three days to disassemble, and it’s too big. There are too many parts for the whole site. It’s more changeable than a battery car.

There is also one feature of the battery bumper car that is groundcars don’t have, which is that each car can be numbered separately. For example, there are 10 bumper cars in the field, and the battery cars can be numbered 1 to 10. Then you can choose the number of the cars to run through remote control. If there are five passengers, the passengers choose one car they like, you can switch the bumper car by remote control. If the passengers choose the bumper cars that are numbered in 2、4、6、8、10, then the operator only needs to press these keys on the remote control. A bumper car with the corresponding number can run, and a car without a choice will not run. Even if a passenger trampled on the switch, it wouldn’t work, and the battery bumper cars have the function of calculation times, when the boss come back he can know how many times the bumper cars runs, it is also a convenient way to do business with partners.


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