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Which Industry Amusement Equipment Belongs to ?

Amusement equipment industry has been developing for some time in China, but it is difficult to say what industry it belongs to. Strengthening the relationship between amusement industry and other industries and verily joining the huge industry chain are the questions that many bosses are thinking about.


Firstly, we should know that even though the amusement rides including huge, middle and small equipment, but its scale and industry model should not belong to heavy industry, so it should belong to light industry and civil industry. Therefore the operators should focus on the light industry chain. Children amusement rides need lots of industrial raw materials, such as steel, FRP, paint and resin, etc., also they should have a good industry communication with the raw material retailers; but for the salesman, they should build a good relationship with the huge places , such as the parks, amusement parks and shopping malls etc.

Therefore, the industry chain needs to be developed and assume instantly, therefore, so that the amusement equipment can have a good future.

By Jinshan carnival rides