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Which Safety Device Do The Amusement Equipment Have ?

What is the most important for amusement equipment? It is the safety of the players. Therefore , there are many design for safety in the amusement equipment. Now let us learn about the safety device on amusement equipment.

1. Safety belt

Open -type cabin of high rotation all use the safety belt, the width of the belt is about 50mm and the material must be the nylon which is not damaged. It is better to be divide into two parts which fix on the cabin. And the way of fixation must be reliable. In addition , the fixed position must have the steel plate or embedded metal components to keep the strength.

2. Safety gear level

This type can be used as safety gear level and handle. There are many different types of The locking form, and it can use the convenient bolt type or spring impact type.

3. Safety pressure level

The common safety pressure level always use the seamless steel tube and stainless steel pipe; the diameter is about 40-50mm, it can be used for holding the players body in the amusement equipment. What’s more , the level must have the lock device which can’t open freely. Generally it use the spring bolt type to lock.

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4. Stopper in the import and export of cabin

The stopper always set in the amusement equipment of kids, though the speed of kids amusement equipment is slow, for the safety of kids, there are some stopper in the import and export of cabin. And generally the stopper always use the circular chain to lock.

5. Safety handle

In the cabin of many equipment, there are many safety handle. As the most important part, when the amusement equipment have the impact and vibration, the handle can keep the body steady.

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