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Why Are Family Amusement Parks So Popular?

With the change of parenting concept in China, parents begin to pay more attention to their children’s accompany and participation in childhood. However, neither traveling nor shopping is satisfactory. Take your kids on a trip. Take the kids to the mall. They’re not interested. Therefore, the children’s amusement park naturally became the parents’ first choice.

Now there are naughty castles in children’s amusement park for the younger children, but also the older children for children expanding. However, the children are happy to play, the parents in the side are bored, and the time to spend with their children is still poor.

In naughty castle, most parents choose to play mobile phone in the periphery, and there is basically no interaction and communication between children. And even if parents want to be involved in their children’s play, it makes both parents and children uncomfortable. For the child, the closely followed parent is the overseer, making them feel uncomfortable and want to escape. For parents, crawling around behind their children will make them exhausted.