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Why not Suggest Investors to Buy Used Amusement Equipment?

With the development of amusement equipment industry, more and more clients are investing in this field; however, many customers are not familiar with the whole industry at the beginning. As we all know, all second hand products is the cheapest, and then most investors will pay their attention to used old amusement products in order to save money. But is it a good idea? Of course the answer is negative. Here we will introduce some disadvantages as followed.

 It really will be much cheaper to choose the old used amusement machines, and it can save them about 20% to 30%. But they neglect a question that whether there are problems with this equipment. Also how about the warranty. Generally, it has guarantee for formal factory, but after-sales service is focus on their direct customers, and factory can not assure to provide their service for the indirect clients. Even if manufacturer can give you their service, still they will charge you service fees. More importantly, if there are problems with the used equipment, they also do not make maintenance, then it will have products safety problems when operating directly. Maybe products will be broken and can not work, even it will cause casualties. And I trust that everyone will understand.

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