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Why The Amusement Equipment Has Different Price Range in The Market ?

Now the amusement equipment is very popular, but same equipment has different price range , what is the reason ?
1.The scale of manufacturer decides the price of amusement equipment. The plant rent , wages of workers and the daily expenses all are included in the total price. So generally large -scale manufacturers always have a higher price than small factory.
2.The cost of production determines the different price. The cost of production includes the raw materials , utilities , workers’ wages ,production efficiency and so on.For example , in recent years, the price of steel has been lower and the cost of raw materials has been reduced. According to this, the price of amusement equipment should be reduced, but the wages and utilities rising increase production costs, resulting in that amusement equipment prices increase. And production efficiency refers to the time of producing the same equipment, if the time is too long then the production costs will increase, and also cause the difference between the price of amusement equipment.
3. The production process determines the price of the amusement equipment. For the same kind of product, due to using different production processes, the price of amusement equipment also is different.

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