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Will Event Planning Become a Trump Card in Amusement Park Management?

In the course of the park’s operation, there is a very important period of profit – holidays. The holiday period is undoubtedly the most concentrated period of the target audience, and the conversion rate of potential customers is high; all large and small parks will also hold promotions and activities of different sizes during this period. The importance of the planning of holiday activities is undeniable to park operators. Event planning does have its own advantages and multiple characteristics.

Widespread transmissibility

A good park event plan will place great emphasis on the visitors’ participation and interactivity and can increase the reputation of the park’s brand among customers. And if the activities have certain news value, they can also attract people’s attention among the audience.

The nature of the event planning advertisement itself determines that it cannot be expressed in a comprehensive manner. However, through event planning, the things that the customer needs to express can be clearly explained. Therefore, the core information to be conveyed in the park venue will be more prepared and detailed.


Every event of the park plans is often with its own specific theme, and all the arrangements are arranged around this theme. The themes types of the event are diverse, and it can be more interesting and acceptable for customers, such as parent-child having fun together, interaction, competition, innovation, public welfare, etc. The closer we get to the life of our customers, the easier we can get the reputation of them.

Through the development of these theme activities, the brand image of the park venue will be enhanced, so that the customer not only obtains physical satisfaction from the game activities, but also obtains spiritual satisfaction and joy from it.

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Tangible benefits

The traditional campaign planning advertising form has entered a mature stage, including that the advertising costs are more and more transparent, the price discount is small, and sometimes the advertising publicity of the park will cost 10,000 yuan. Compared with this, the cost of holding a promotion in a park venue is far less than the cost of advertising, but it can achieve better results. Moreover, it is also possible to contact the customer more directly and understand the customer’s demand and feedback to increase the their chances of becoming a member of the park.

Secondary transmission

A park can also be spread twice in the customer if the event is well organized. The “secondary communication” referred to that after an event is held, it has been recognized and loved by everyone, and has been spread one after another. The influence of event planning has been extended. On the contrary, it is not easy for us to see that an advertisement of a park is reprinted by other parks or media only because it is well designed. Of course, nothing is perfect; there are some shortcomings in the planning of activities with many advantages. First, event planning can’t be carried out independently from the advertising of the park. Second, improper operation of the event planning is likely to cause rejection of the audience.

In addition to the opening of the park, in most cases, during the event there will also be more passengers gathered in the park. If the park can grasp the opportunities of this important period and do a good job, profits will be a natural consequence.