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Working Method of Jumping Rides

There are so many kinds of amusement rides in park, they have different working method and suit for people of different ages, Today we are glad to introduce jumping rides for you.

About jumping rides, there are two representative rides, Jumping kangaroo ride and Crazy jumping car.  The main method of jumping rides are rotation and jumping. It’s not thrilling type ride, suit for family to enjoy an unforgettable time. Lovely shape firmly grasps the child’s eyes.


These rides are with simple structure; a motor drives gear to make the machine rotate; air compressor supply air for each arm to come true the action of jumping; it is easy to assemble and operate, and the cost also is not high, so it’s a good choice for investment.

We are professional manufacturer of amusement equipment, not only provide you with excellent quality rides, but also provide you with best after-sales service; cooperated with us, you won’t have worry for the shipment, assembling, usage and maintenance.


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