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Drop Tower

Capacity: 6 person
Power: 6kw
Voltage: 380V
Material: FRP+Steel

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Drop tower is a type of large thrill playground equipment that emerged in recent years. It’s a thrill ride that very popular around the world.

The ride-table of drop tower ride can carry the passengers to the high altitude and then drop down vertically with almost gravitational acceleration. Finally, the machine will brake the ride-table before landing, and the playground equipment designed according to physics free fall, also mega drop ride is known as free fall.

Play the drop tower will be more thrilling than the roller coaster. Therefore, people who want to play drop tower need meet certain conditions about their physical fitness and psychological quality. Otherwise, people will be prone to some accidents and increase the psychological shadow after playing the drop tower.

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Product name jumping frog game
Device height 7.4m
Operating height 4.4m
Color customized
Capacity 6 person
Area 6.3*4.6
Loading 90person/h
Power 6kw

Video of Drop tower:

Visit on youtube: youtube-play


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