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Jumping Frog

Capacity: 6 person
Power: 6kw
Voltage: 380v
Material: FRP+Steel

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The frog hopper rides, also called jumping frog, belong to the kiddie rides and thrill ride and it is a little thrill for the children to play. It is a mini version of Sky Tower ride. Frog hopper ride now is one of the most popular medium rides in amusement parks especially for kiddies’ playing. Jumping frog is a vertical ascent and bounced descent amusement ride that has great visual appeal. The experience of going up and down can bring great pleasure and enjoyment to children.

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jumping frog jumping frog jumping frog

Product name jumping frog game
Device height 7.4m
Operating height 4.4m
Color customized
Capacity 6 person
Area 6.3*4.6
Loading 90person/h
Power 6kw



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