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Arabian Flying Carpet Ride

Hight: 8 m
Power: 16kw
Voltage: 380v
Material: FRP+Steel

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The Arabian flying carpet ride is a large carnival rides for tourists to experience variable speed swing movement in the air. When tourists ride on the machine, they will feel like ride on the real flying carpet in the fairy tale, as well as feel like travel in the outer space. The blanket swing and rise up gradually, when it comes to the highest point, tourists on the blanket will feel like flying to the sky. The Arabian flying carpet ride usually rises and dips in operation. The feeling of overweight and weight loss make tourists thrill and excite.

The  Arabian flying carpet ride suit for amusement park, playground and another outdoor amusement places.

The Arabian flying carpet ride is a amusement machine with a horizontal axis reciprocating motion. The use of inertia accumulation of energy sometimes rise, and sometimes rapidly decline. Childhood swing dream began appear in today suddenly on the rises and dips in operation. Alternating weight loss make our blood boil, our vision fade out. All the stress of life here has been significant insatiable. Take the spirit of the ship to the sky, the temporary forget is a complete release of life. There is nothing can not let go, so that the heart of tolerance and nature dance together.

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Type 114232-289         
Area 10x15m
Power 16KW
Speed 3.2 rpm/min
Color Colorful
Materials FRP + steel
Voltage 380V
Capacity 24 persons
Height 8M
Driving diameter 18M


Video of Arabian flying carpet ride:

Visit on youtube: youtube-play


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