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Booster Ride

Type: Swing
Power: 43kw
Voltage: 380v
Material: FRP+Steel

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The booster ride is the latest development of our company’s new generation of large playground equipment. There are two free-rotation centro-symmetric cabins fixed on the big arms. It’s 22.8m high and it’s rotating diameter is 19.8m. The cabins rotates 360 degrees along with the big arm and freely swing at the same time. Passenger sat in the cabins will feel really thrilling and exciting for the cabins usually suddenly rise and fall.

Passengers sat in cabins that suddenly weightless fall and suddenly rise to high along with the big arm’s 360 degrees rotation. The cabins also rotation freely drive by the centrifugal force. The booster ride is really a type of thrill ride and the degree of stimulation is self-evident.

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Booster Ride Booster Ride Booster Ride Booster Ride

Type  Voltage Power Height Area Material Passengers
swing 380V 43kw 30m 10*20 m FRP+Steel 16/20/24 persons


Video of booster ride:

Visit on youtube: youtube-play


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