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Music spinning ride

Capacity: 16 person
Power: 19kw
Voltage: 380v
Material: FRP+Steel

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Tel: +86-371-86535738
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Music spinning ride is a new generation of large playground equipment developed by our factory. It is a type of carnival ride that can rotate around the vertical spindle as well as rise and fall at the same time. With novel design, unique structure, beautiful appearance, plus graceful music, all these enable people experience the speed and passion in the music spinning ride game.

Our music spinning ride is produced and processed with national standard steel and fine glass fiber reinforced plastics, with beautiful appearance and excellent workmanship. It’s equipped with a up-and-down circular track and 8 arms. Each arm is equipped 2 cabins and can take 2 passengers. When the music spinning ride is rotating and taking passengers up and down, the cabins can also be rotated 360 degrees at the same time, which is very interesting.

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Music spinning ride Music spinning ride Music spinning ride

Spead     Capacity   Voltage      Power Car Height Operating height      Material
110m/min 16 persons 380v 19kw 8seats 2.8m 1.95m FRP+Steel



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