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Plush Electric Car

Capacity: 100kgs
Power: 30w
Voltage: 12V
Material: steel frame, fireproof plush product

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Plush electric car is a type of electric toy which integrates children’s toys, plush toys, stroller, entertainment cars, electric cars in one. The plush electric cars are mainly designed into animals or cartoon styles, such as cat, dog, cattle, horse, pleasant series and Altman. The appearance of plush electric cars are very cute, lovely and refreshing, which is usually made by high-grade PV velvet fabric and various in model styles. Wheels are mounted at the foot of the animal model.

The electric cars are all equipped with MP3 stereo player with six fixed children’s song loop playback, or you can downloaded any music that you like; Three groups of high-brightness seven-color lights are installed at the plush electric car’s head and five groups of high-brightness seven-color lights are installed at the plush electric car’s legs. One group lights of which can keep flashing in standby. It’s manual control to switch forward or backward. There are three starting methods: remote control, manual and insert coin. The plush electric is suit for children over 4 years of age and can be arbitrarily timed in one hour. Plush electric cars using a new intelligent counter, you can cycle counting anytime.

Plush electric car is easy to control and convenience for riding. Children over the age of 5 years old can operate independently: forward, backward, stop, turn, etc. There are two stalls(accelerated and deceleration) in the front foot inside which are used to adjust the speed.

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electric toy car electric toy car

Meterial steel frame, fireproof plush product
Packing size 100*70*90 CM
Weight 35kgs
Bearing Capacity 100kgs (parents can seat with their kids)
Style coin operated, key start, remote control. non coin operated
Diameter range of token 21-31mm
Thickness range of token 1.2-3.0mm
Dimension of coin box 14*11*11cm
Speed 30-75m/min.
Setting time  1 to 30 minutes
Battery chargeable,12v20ah



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