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Revolving Carriage Rides

Capacity: 18 /24Seats
Power: 11.5kw
Voltage: 380v
Material: FRP+SteelEmail: info@jscarnivalrides.com
Mob: +86 15036116306
Tel: +86-371-86535738
Skype: Brian Niu

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Carriages Amusement Park Ride is the latest design of the automatic control products in our company, its appearance is grand and luxurious, its function design is novel and unique. It owns hanging cockpits which can freely rotate around the central post and also can run on the ground as it were the ancient British royal chart. Meanwhile, visitors can control the promotion and demotion of the cockpit through the operation platform so that the cockpit can move in all directions.

Modern times amusement is a kind of new amusement equipment. It has a deluxe and gorgeous appearance. It adopts pneumatic control and has many novel function. 

Modern time attraction ride is based on self-control plane and can rotate freely in the air. The carriages can run like UK royal cart on the ground. Passengers can self control cart up and down as well as swing left and right. You just feel like dancing in the air.

1)Originated from a classical movie “Modern Times”, this amusement machine for theme park has stylish design FRP of Industrial Revolution with aged carriages, model of distinguished Charlie Chaplin, cockscomb gears etc.

2) Through pneumatic control, every carriage can move up and down, specially shaking around the central body, not only running on the ground but also flying in the air.

3)As a spectacular family ride that everyone can enjoy together, modern times is a real crowd-pleader for carnival activity.

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Revolving carriage rides Revolving carriage rides Revolving carriage rides Revolving carriage rides


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