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Single Bungee Trampoline for Sale

Type: Square bungee
Height: 4 m
capacity: 1 person
Cover: 2m*2m

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Single bungee trampoline is a kind of sport &entertainment equipment which especially designed for children. It is the most popular, most fashionable children health, entertainment and sport kids bungee at present.

This bungee trampoline is composed of a jumping bed, a pair of elastic cords and supports. It is small occupation, easy to operate, no need of electricity, safe and reliability, no venue restrictions(applicable to parks, squares, shopping malls, both indoor and outdoor), convenient and flexible for installation and removal, solid and convenient transportation.

Children can fly freely in the air with the help of trampoline bungee, and can rolling over 360 degrees or 720 degrees or other movements in the air. So the single bungee trampoline is one of the best playground equipment to improve the comprehensive quality of children. It has well received by investors once launched to the market, for it’s not only bring joy and happiness to the tourists, but also bring a good return to the operators.

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Bungee-Trampoline Bungee-Trampoline Bungee-Trampoline Bungee-Trampoline

Name Bungee trampoline
Cover area 2*2m
Height  4 m
Capacity 1 person



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