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Trampoline Park Indoor Playground for sale

Material: Galvanized steel+spring+PVC
Foam pad: EPE
Pad: PVC
Jumping mat: PP
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Different types of trampoline

Free bouncing area: Also known as the main jumping area. The most basic movement in this area is to jump inside, and then tumble bucket, and some people will choose to carry out yoga, aerobics or diet classes.

Sponge pool area: This area is a combination of trampoline and sponge pool. You can flip over the trampoline 360 degrees and then leap into the sponge pool.

Basketball Zone: Through the flexibility of the trampoline, ordinary people can also complete professional slam dunk as the professional NBA player do .

Dodgeball zone: It is similar to the domestic game – throw sandbags, which is used to test the team cooperation and coordination. 

Climbing Wall: There is a professional climbing wall set above the sponge pool, which used to challenge the people’s climbing ability, and the sponge pool located below the climbing wall can provide a good protection.

Warriors Zone: The area is adapted from the Ninjas Passing Project from the United States. The project challenges the limits of individual fitness and is suitable for most young people.

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trampoline park trampoline park trampoline park

Product Name
Trampoline Park For Sale
Galvanized steel+spring+PVC
Jumping mat:
Foam pad:
EPE, closed-cell foam that will not absorb water, mildew or lose shape thickness in 7.5cm
PVC(500D, 500D) fabric iridescent
4mm galvanized inside and outside size:80*80mm
super high-strength galvanized length in 21.5cm
CE TUV ASTM SGS approval

Video of Trampoline Park Indoor Playground for sale:

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trampoline park


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