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Analysis for Trampoline Park User

Target groups

The age group is 3-55 years old. The main customers include parent-child families, students, extreme sports players, corporate group building, young white-collar workers who love fitness & want to lose weight, and office workers who want to release stress.

Consumer demand

The leisure sports attributes that come with the trampoline park meet the consumption needs of different target groups.

Parent-child family. Trampoline Park is a good place for them to relax and have a good environment. They can play with children, cultivate parent-child feelings, let children exercise and learn a lot of knowledge; also they can stay away from the harm caused by mobile computer games.

Teenager. Pursue a variety of exciting experiences, where you can experience the fun of trampoline and various tricks.

Enterprise group building. A variety of challenging trampoline games are held to allow employees to relax and consolidate the team’s centripetal force.

Fitness and weight loss crowd. Trampoline exercise is a good aerobic exercise. The trampoline is equivalent to jogging for half an hour in 10 minutes. It can shape the body and burn fat.

Extreme sports player. They have a sports foundation and prefer to challenge fresh sports. A variety of fancy trampoline movements in the trampoline park are more suitable for this group of people.


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