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Color and Size Are Important to Children’s Amusement Equipment

Now there are a lot of children amusement equipment. So what should we pay attention to in children’s amusement equipment and what factors should we notice?

Seeing from the color design of amusement equipment, kids are sensitive and focusing on it. The choice and match between different types of equipment are important. Based on the functions of the equipment, colors can increase the fun and stimulate children’s imagination, improve their cognitive level. What’s more, from the model, we can see that those abstract, odd and changeable models are more attractive to children than those are similar to daily life models.

The most important point, the safety issue should be considered in equipment’s design. Safety is basic for the existance of a good amusement equipment. No need to illustrate the importance too much. If the personal safety can be guaranteed, the amusement will lost it’s necessity.


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