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Domestic Children’s Play Equipment Continues to Rise and Quickly Enter the World

Over the years, China’s development level has been a qualitative leap. Chinese children’s amusement equipment has not been shown to be weak. Over the years, various kinds of traditional equipment and new amusement equipment have come out. Of course, the most popular ones are still carousel rides, bumper cars, etc. In the domestic children’s playground, the most common are traditional equipment, swings, horizontal bars, slides, bouncy castles, self-controlled aircraft and other equipment. Of course, the quality and after-sales service produced by each amusement equipment factory has reached the international level head to the World.

Children’s play equipment can be divided into 16 categories according to structure and movement form: rotary horse, coin-operated amusement machine, gyro, swing machine, flight tower, roller coaster, bungee, slide. Indoor play equipment, outdoor children’s play equipment. Among them, the representative facilities for indoor children’s play equipment is indoor playground. This ride is also the most popular and best-selling equipment.

At present, the level of children’s amusement facilities in China has been completely comparable to European and American countries. Many amusement equipment manufacturers have set up their own international trade department, attracting customers from Europe, America and the world to come to China to purchase, so that Chinese equipment can quickly go to the world.


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