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How to ship to Kenya?

“I am in Kenya, how could I buy from China”

“Could you ship to Kenya”

“What documents do I need to for Clearance customs”


Maybe you also have same questions when you plan to purchase, right? Please don’t worry.

Our company often exports rides to Kenya, today we will introduce for you:


Step 1. We confirm all items you want firstly, then production can be started after you paid 50 % deposit.

Step 2. Two weeks before shipment, we will make an invoice for you to apply for IDF in KENYA REVENUE AUTHORITY, then send to us.

Step 3. After get IDF, we will prepare all necessary documents to apply for PVoC.

Step 4. INTERTEK will check all documents and arrange engineer to inspect cargo and supervise Loading– (We will communicate with them for all details.)

Step 5. We will send Bill of lading, Commercial invoice, packing list PVoc to you. Before ship arrival, shipping company will inform you, then you just need to submit documents under their guidance.


Very easy, right? We are professional manufacturer, we can guide you and help you deal all things. So please don’t hesitate to contact us for any purchasing plan !


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