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Introduction of amusement rides

There are many kinds of amusement rides, such as roller coaster, pirate ship, etc. It has the characteristics of good taste and strong excitability. It is necessary to pay attention to some safety, so we often see the word “instructions for passengers” beside some amusement equipment. Everyone should never underestimate the importance of it.

  1. Before taking the ride, you should observe if there is the “safety inspection qualified” sign issued by the quality and technical supervision department. Do not take the ride if there are no tip cards.
  2. Read “instructions for passengers” carefully and pay attention to instructions and warning signs. To understand the movement characteristics of the facility, prohibited matters and precautions, etc. People with high blood pressure, drunkenness and heart disease don’t play with projects that are not fit for their bodies.
  3. When riding the rotating and tumbling facilities, please wear your glasses and make sure your camera, bag, key, mobile phone and other items that can be scattered abroad. Do not bring them into the pleasure facilities.


According to the regulations, all major amusement facilities should be certified once a year, and the safety inspection certificate is posted in a prominent position. Before take the ride, make sure if the ride is within the validity period. Operators of large amusement facilities should hold “large-scale amusement facilities operation permit”. Each amusement facility has a corresponding notice, and the public must read carefully before taking the ride to see whether the staff follow the precautions or not.

Firstly, to see which kinds of equipment is applicable to. To make sure if it is suitable for your body condition and choose your own recreational facilities.

Secondly, pay attention to the “instructions for passengers”. To know more about the sports features, instructions, safety instructions and warnings. Listen to the safety instructions carefully and ask questions in time.

Thirdly, look at the safety device. To check if the safety devices (such as seat belts, safety bars, etc.) are available. If the safety device is not complete or normal use, refuse to play.


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