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Teach You How to Select and Purchase Amusement Equipment by the Hand

To many amusement theme parks, amusement equipment is like the body. Even there’s a saying, to invest in building an outdoor theme park, 40% of your money should be put on purchasing amusement equipment. While to those light themed amusement parks, the proportion might be higher. Especially large-scale amusement equipment, a set means several millions even tens of millions.

Price factor:

As orders to food, the things that determine what equipment to buy most are project investment volume of the project investor and purchasing budget on amusement equipment. An amusement park with an investment of 30 millions RMB might absolutely not spend several millions on a set of large amusement equipment. The equipment purchasing budget determines if the park can be haphazardly buy whatever they want. Therefore, with the budget constraint of amusement equipment, the equipment prices must be considered. Because the project budget can’t be over. At the same time, purchase the equipment that meets the needs of the amusement park’s opening.


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