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Drop tower

Lifting speed: ≤1.2m/s
Falling speed: ≤4m/s
Loading capacity: 16 persons
Occupied area:9m*9m
Mob: +86 15036116306
Tel: +86-371-6328 7382
Product Details

The drop tower is a common large-scale maneuver amusement equipment in amusement parks and theme parks.

The drop tower machine belongs to the flying tower type amusement equipment that runs quickly and vertically. After the passenger locks the safety bar and fastens the seat belt at their seats, they are launched to the top of the tower in a very short time and fall quickly under the action of gravity. Then they are bounced back to the top of the tower again. Finally they slide down slowly according to the set procedure and return to the ground safely. Passengers can fully appreciate the wonderful feeling of alternating between overweight and weightlessness, and enjoy the mental journey of a “quasi-astronaut” launching into space.

The main body of the drop tower is a tall column with the track. And there is a cockpit on the track. The number of passengers depends on the design of cockpit. And the cockpit has protective equipment such as safety bars and seat belts. The entire system has sensors that can detect the speed of the cockpit’s climb and descent to maintain the normal operation of the entire machine.

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