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Human Gyroscope Ride

Seat: 1/2/4/6seats
Power: 3-11kw
Voltage: 380v
Material: seamless tube
Mob: +86 15036116306
Tel: +86-371-6328 7382
Skype: Brian Niu
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The human gyroscope ride is a new kind of amusement equipment that evolved from the gyroscope simulator used to training pilots and astronauts. The human gyroscope has appeared on the market till the end of the year 2009, so it is still a relatively new playground equipment to people. We can learn the entertaining and thrilling of gyroscope games just from its appearance.

Players can rotates 360 degree arbitrarily. The speed sometimes is fast, sometimes is slow. During the operation process, passengers can free to control the rotation angle and speed by pressing left/right button to tilt. So players can experience the special feelings of  free rotation in a three-dimensional space. The human gyro ride can help tourists relax their whole body muscles, so it’s both physical exercise and endless fun.

With the advantages of less land occupation, easy to operation and maintenance, full of thrilling and entertainment, the human gyroscope rides are already set in some crowd places such as playgrounds, residential areas, scenic spot and gym both home and abroad. Gyroscope is really the best choice for playground investors.

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Seat 1/2/4/6 seats Warranty One Years
Cover area L5m*W4m*H3.2m Service Life 8-10 Years
Power 3-11Kw Running Time 3-5 mins (adjustable)
Voltage 380V Weights 500kg-1000kg
Speed 6-14RPM Usage Park & Playground
Material seamless tube Packing seaworthy cotton, wooden case


Human Gyroscope RideHuman Gyroscope RideHuman Gyroscope RideHuman Gyroscope Ride


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