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Spin out ride

Capacity: 16 person
Power: 23kw
Voltage: 380v
Material: FRP+Steel
Mob: +86 15036116306
Tel: +86-371-6328 7382
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The appearance of spin out ride is high-end grandeur, magnificent, unique design, novel shaped and reliable quality. The driving mode of spin out ride is mainly the combination of hydraulic pressure and electric motor. Passengers sat well on the seats, then the main rotating arm drive by the electric motor rotates around the main spindle, and the link arms  driven by the hydraulic pressure turns the cabins to rotate and flip 360 degrees around the axis of link arms. The strong acceleration and all-way’s rotation will bring you a wonderful rotating experience. Your intense facial expression will be integrated with the visual effects of energy storm, which make the spin out ride become a very attractive amusement program.

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Voltage Power Passengers Area Material
380v 23kw 16 persons 10*14m FRP+steel



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