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How to Maintain the Amusement Equipment after Raining

During operation of amusement equipment, we must note to maintain the amusement equipment constantly, but how to maintain the amusement equipment after raining ?

1. When the operators clean the electric circuit, they must cut off the power. Generally they can use the web cloth to scrub. When it is dry, they are allowed to connect the power.

2. For the indoor amusement park, it is better to have frequent ventilation and disinfection. The operator can use the UV-light to shin everyday and use the oxydol to disinfect every week.

3. If the material is plastic and fiberglass, the operators can use the web cloth to scrub, then use the water to wash out and dry, disinfect the equipment in the end.

4. The soft sponge can be washed with soapy water or exposed to the sun.

5. Wooden material can be washed by the soap-suds, then you can disinfect it with 84 disinfectant.

6.  About the metal material, if it is demanded to clean the rust, you can use the brush to clean it and then you can use the dry cloth to scrape the metal parts. After drying in the sun, the operator can spray some colorless paint on the equipment, then spray again after drying process. This way can protect the equipment. After all paint is dry, the operator should clean and disinfect the equipment again.

7.The operator should note to check whether the connection part is firm and the electric circuit and common accessories is damaged, then they can add some oil on the connection part which have frequent activity.

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