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The feedback of trackless from our Ukraine Client

We received the feedback video from our client this afternoon, from the video we can see the attractive trackless train is running in the beautiful hotel yard, our client have two different style hotels, both of them are very beautiful, and the business is very booming, our client ordered this nice trackless train for his forest themed hotel, he said that the trackless train was very popular among his customers, and it helped him to attract more customers to his hotel, the trackless can not only help our client carry customer and luggage, but also bring endless fun to the kids, the trackless has become the most eye-catching equipment in the hotel, our client said that he plan to buy another one for another hotel, i am sure the nice amusement equipment can certainly bring more income to our client.

So if you are looking for amusement rides please contact us for more information, we are professional carnival equipment manufacturer with rich production and export experience, and we are surely worthy of your trust.

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