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Winter Fun for Sales Teams: Snowman Building Contest

The first snowfall of 2024 arrived as expected, transforming the landscape into a fairy tale world draped in silver. To celebrate the arrival of this snowfall, and to enhance the cohesion and team spirit of our sales team, as well as relieve work pressure, our sales team decided to organize a unique and creative snowman building competition.

The competition rules were simple. Each team had to build the most creative and beautiful snowman within the specified time. The judging panel then scored the snowmen based on their creativity, aesthetic appeal, and completion, with rewards given accordingly.

During the competition, each team fully demonstrated their creativity and team spirit. They brainstormed together, discussing the design and shape of the snowman, and worked collaboratively. Some team members were responsible for piling up the snow, some for sculpting, and some for decorating. Although the weather was cold, everyone’s enthusiasm did not diminish, making the atmosphere on-site quite lively.

This snowman building activity provided a platform for the sales team members to unleash their creativity and imagination. It allowed everyone to temporarily put aside work pressure, relax, and work together to complete a fun task in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere, thereby enhancing the team members’ sense of belonging and work enthusiasm.

After an intense competition, each team successfully presented their unique snowman works. These snowmen, with their varied designs, some lifelike, some full of fun, brought smiles to everyone’s faces.

The judging panel for this competition was composed of our entire foreign trade department. They conducted in-depth and impartial scoring based on the creativity, aesthetic appeal, and completion of the snowmen. After intense competition, the top three teams were eventually selected and rewarded with cash prizes ranging from 300 to 800 yuan, in recognition of their excellent performance in the competition.

In this cold winter day, we created beautiful memories together and harvested joy and friendship. Let’s look forward to the arrival of the next snowfall and enjoy the fun of winter again!


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